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Formulate Your Plan


By: Robert A. Coffman|LRL Editor 

Small Business PlanningThe economic viability of the business venture that you are undertaking is evaluated by a written outline which also includes a description and analysis of business prospects. This written outline plan describing the various aspects of your business is called a business format plan. The main purpose of writing a business plan format is to focus on your business objectives using the appropriate information. Any weakness or omissions in your business plan come to light when the business plan format is made. This plan can also be used to obtain advice and opinion of others.

Topics For A Great Business Format Plan:

A vision statement highlighting your objectives and goals.
The people involved - The most important person is you. Create a resume for yourself and for each person who will be involved in the business. It is better to rely on facts and hype should be avoided. This business format plan will be read by investors, lenders and vendors.
Business profile - Your business plans and the steps you will follow are to be given in this part of your business format with focus on the market you intend to cover.
Economic assessment - this is a complete assessment of the economic environment and your involvement in it including demographics and traffic flow.
Cash assessment - this is a one-year assessment of how you expect the cash to flow in to take care of the capital requirements.

Cover The Following Factors:

Business concept should be sound - You should be knowledgeable about all aspects of business and experienced too. This should indicate in your business format.
Your understanding of the market is a part of the format in your business plan.
An industry that's healthy and growing - Success will be judged not by your plans and ideas but by your profits.
Capable management systems - People you select to work with should be competent and endowed with skills which you may lack.
Good financial control needs to be evident in your business format plan.
Business focus should be consistent.
A mindset that accepts and anticipates changes.
Plans for online business also should be incorporated in your business format.

Formulate The Plan:

Make a provisional fluid plan that can be revised.
Make sure you have enough experience and expertise required.
Identify the negative features that could kill the deal.
Identify the success drivers.
Raise enough money to take care of contingencies too.
Before expansion be sure of your product.
Launch it in a small way first to test the waters.

It is mandatory to have a business plan format ready for any business you are going to undertake. Research on the points that you can include in your format of your business, and add them in where required. Take the advice of experienced experts in your industry to test your business plan format. The business plan should be packaged well as an impressive tool. With the changing market conditions, you should continue to improve and adjust the aspects of your business plan and it's format. Regarding future sales don't be too optimistic. Find out the weaknesses in your plan and root them out. Take the opinion of experts and learn from their advice.

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