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Business Plan Software - Comprehensive
Business Planning Builder

Throw out the spreadsheets, and give your business plan the polish of a professional. Calculate comprehensive financial statements and generate stylish charts and graphs with the Plan Builder Document Wizard, and use our templates to create a custom plan narrative that's sure to impress investors.

Business Plan Financial Screenshot  Business Plan Narrative Screenshot

Business Plan Financial Screenshot               Business Plan Narrative Screenshot

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The Business Plan Software is your very own comprehensive business planning builder manager. Build a cost-effective, professional business plan in only a matter of hours using our new Business Plan Builder. Other business plan development software may help you tell the story; with template narratives targeting 10 distinct industry themes, ours writes the story for you.

Start from scratch or use our narrative templates as a starter guide; access tips on the writing process at each stage of the narrative; and calculate comprehensive financial statements for up to five year projections. Use the Plan Builder's report generator to generate stylish charts and graphs, which you can then import to your plan narrative, all from within the web-based application - no spreadsheets required!

Additional Benefits:

* Revisit your plans any time throughout your business's development to compare actuals to your original projections.

* Populate your plan narratives with your company name and information with just the click of a button.

* Edit and store your plans on our secure server until you're ready to export to Word doc or PDF format.

* Invite advisors to access your plans and provide commentary in the "Notes" tab of on each section.

* Work at your own pace - and complete each section in any order you choose.

* Create a professional business plan that will effectively communicate the value of your business proposition to potential investors.

Highlights Of This Application:

* Learn as You Go. We've included tips to guide you through each step of the writing process. If you're not sure what a Mission Statement is, for example, we've provided a template version, accompanied by instructions for crafting your own.

* Narrative Templates in 10 Industries. Our experts have created a series of templates that target 10 key industries, including retail, manufacturing, technology and non-profits, and can be used to fit almost any business proposition. Copy our template text into the Plan Builder's text editor and revise your plan per the specific needs of your business.

* No More Complex Spreadsheets. Don't get bogged down with complicated calculations and formulas. The Business Plan Builder does all the math for you. Fill out a few forms with important financial information about your business and generate a complete list of monthly, quarterly and annual financial projections, including balance sheets and income and cash-flow statements.

* Easy Navigation. The Business Plan Builder is designed to make navigating your business plan quick and easy. Complete each section in sequence with the guidance of the Plan Builder Document Wizard, or work at your own pace and finish each section in any order you choose.

System Requirements: 

  * Internet Access
  * Adobe Acrobat 6 Reader
  * Microsoft Word or an alternative Word Processor

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