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Car Accident Reports: Why You Should File Them

By: Jennifer D. Gray|LRL Writer

Car Accident ClaimsCar accidents can cause serious damage to a person's property, life and health. Indeed, these events can be life-changing. Some of the most frequent injuries are damages to a person's neck and back in the form of a bulging disc or a hernia. There can also be damages to the nerve, broken or dislocated bones, injuries to the head or brain, and even spinal cord damages. The serious vehicular accidents can bring about disastrous impacts to a person's life and may further more lead to several injuries and mental anxieties like depression, pain as well as suffering. This can even be very traumatic for some cases.

Following the occurrence of an accident, people only have a limited period of time to file for car accident reports and also file a personal injury lawsuit. The limited time allotted for the filing of car accident reports and lawsuits are part of the regulations known as the statute of limitations. For those involved accidents one thing that should be avoided is to flee from the scene. Running away and leaving the scene of the accident can lead to serious criminal prosecution particularly if someone was able to file a car accident report.

The person has to stop and deal with the situation. After stopping at the accident area, it is best to call someone for help particularly the police. A medical emergency hotline will also be best for this kind of situation. Persons involved should call for a car accident report so that authorities will know how to respond. If someone was injured it will be able to call an ambulance. Upon the arrival of police officers at the scene, it is natural for everyone to be interviewed thus no one should panic regarding this measure. The police will normally let people retell how the accident happened and who was hurt.

Following the interview, it is important to ask the police officer how to get a copy of the car accident report that was made. It is also important to remember and take note of the name of the police officer as well as the location of the police station it came from. Chances are the police officer will provide a slip instructing the person how to get the copy of the report. The person has to contact the police station so that an accident report number may be obtained.  

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