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Causes Of Divorce: Learn Why Married Couples File For Divorce

Marriage must be kept given the right time and reasons. And divorce must be considered if and when such right reasons cease to exist. Marriage is common throughout all cultures, but recently it seems as if the sacred commitment between two individuals is being ruptured by disturbing divorce rates.

Top Major Causes Of Divorce:

Lack of communication is one of the major cause of divorce. When married couples don't communicate how they feel this can cause resentment and escalate to anger or hatred as the time goes on. Handle the little stuff in the open as it comes along; before it keeps getting bigger.
Money is another major cause of divorce. Financial problems can cause conflict in a marriage, sometimes escalating in intense arguments, and resulting in divorce. If the married couple cannot communicate and agree on their household budget and expenses, it will be the reason for many arguments and frustrations in the marriage.
Lack of knowledge of the husband and wife of rights and duties of marriage contract, and rush in dealing with the problems that arise at the beginning of married life are also reasons for divorce. It’s recommended to get professional counseling for pre-marital advice is always best to avoid several disagreements in the marriage.
Form of physical abuse and emotional abuse are also the causes of divorce. One partner may actively try to degrade his/her partner through wicked language. Abuse (physical, emotional, sexual) and drug or alcohol addiction are cited as other frequent problems.
Other causes of divorce are irreconcilable differences, adultery, dishonesty and attempt against life.
Causes of divorce are numerous and the effects on the children can be severe. Professional counseling and advice recommend that the divorce process take as little time as possible to minimize the negative consequences.

Marriage is a union of a man and a woman who loves each other and made a commitment to stay together for better or worse. Marriage is sacred and the peace of the family to be respected, and divorce is an unpalatable and detestable thing.

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