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Corporate Minutes Software
Manage Your Corporate Records All In One Place

Maintain and organize your corporate records with our corporate management sofware. With the easy to use ManageMyMinutes Document Wizard all-in-one place, you can set automated reminders to ensure you always know when it's time to update your important records.

Corporate Minutes Software

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With Corporate Minutes Software you can now manage and organize all your corporate records      all-in-one place. Many businesses don't know the risks of failing to keep a corporate minute book. Our tool helps you avoid those risks by keeping you compliant with important government regulations related to corporate minute keeping.

ManageMyMinutes gives you the ability to conveniently organize and maintain your corporate minute book through a combination of automated reminders and template-based document creation. Remove the guess work from record keeping and safely archive your minutes and resolutions in electronic form with the help of the ManageMyMinutes Document Wizard. For novices, the Document Wizard will be your guide. Pros can take a quicker approach by accessing an Index list of ready-made document templates. Either way, ManageMyMinutes provides expert guidance through each step of the creation and maintenance of your corporate minute book.

Did you know your corporate minutes are required by law to be updated if you open a bank account? Increase your compensation? Sign a lease agreement? Or simply let a year go by?

Our Fully Automated Solution Will Help Your Small Business:

* Become and stay compliant, thereby reducing risk.

* Maintain and organize an accurate record book.

* Create, print and archive required records and documents.

* Schedule activities and required meetings, and automate reminders for updates and events.

* Access customizable contracts and agreements worth thousands of dollars.

* Save time and money using our document templates.

Highlights Of This Application:

* Efficient Document Management. Review draft documents before completion and export them directly to PDF format for printing, or store them electronically in editable form for up to 30 days.

* Calendar and Reminders. Never forget due dates. Schedule and receive automated reminders for all your upcoming events. Print management and meeting notices and circulate document drafts to key members of your staff via email email, all from within the web-based application.

* Contract Templates. ManageMyMinutes's template-based approach to document creation provides standard language for dozens of business contracts and agreements.

* Informational Resource. Get answers to commonly asked business questions, and gain access to hundreds of state forms and a direct link to the official Web site of every secretary of state.

System Requirements: 

    * Internet Access
    * Adobe Acrobat 6 Reader

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