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Do I need a business insurance coverage?

Imagine your business facing an unexpected risk like fire, theft, natural disaster or employee injury, and all that without having business insurance coverage. The expenses these circumstances may lead to potentially drive you out of the business for good. So having a business insurance policy is definitely a must for any business no matter how small it is.

Besides, you are required to have a small business insurance plan by the state law. Some types of business insurance like workers' compensation coverage or property and liability insurance are a must in all of the states, although the amounts of coverage vary from place to place. In some states you should provide a business insurance policy in order to get a business registration.

The statistic shows that about 40 percent of small businesses aren't insured at all, because their owners assume that having a small business insurance policy is too costly for their enterprise. Fact is that not having a business insurance may lead to expenses far beyond annual premiums, putting you at risk of losing your business. Natural disasters, theft, employee injuries - this all may lead to unexpected financial losses, which could be entirely covered by business insurance if you have one.

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