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Do I need a business license and if so, where do I get one?

Depending on the type of business you are starting, you may be required to obtain local, county, State or Federal licensing. It is important to determine which of these will be required before you start conducting any business since heavy fines are usually associated with conducting a business without proper licenses and permits.

It is easy to determine what your local licensing requirements are. Simply call or visit your city or county government offices (usually in the courthouse) for information about licensing requirements. Nearly all businesses will require a county or city license to operate. The license is easy to obtain and normally only requires a short visit to the local courthouse. Fees, if any, are small.

If you intend to operate a business from your home, be sure to also check local zoning requirements (again, at the courthouse) as well as any property covenants. Zoning requirements are those laws that regulate how property can be used and in some cases, some activities may not be allowed.

Click the link to learn how to get Business Licenses And Permits for your business.

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