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Employee Management Software
With File Manager

Lose the paperwork and gain the perfect HR assistant

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Gain access to an employee data management solution designed for small business but equipped with all the tools you need to run a sleek, paperless human resources department - all from your desktop. Track and manage sensitive information for up to 99 employees.

Your employee management software will organize and manage all your employee information with this user-friendly desktop application designed specifically for small to mid-sized businesses. With its sophisticated database solution, the File Manager allows you to oversee every HR function at your business from one central hub.

The Employee File Manager was designed for the secure storage and retrieval of important employee information. Combining a user-friendly interface with a powerful database solution, the desktop application was configured specifically with small businesses in mind.

Track and manage personal information; vacation and sick day accrual; incentives and commission disbursements; and much more for a staff of up to 99 employees. When was your last employee review? Automate reminders for reviews, appointments or training sessions, and answer hundreds of questions about a single employee or your entire staff using the File Manager's robust report generator.

Track all of the following information for up to 99 employees:

* Personal information, including name, address, social security number, date of birth and home,
  work, fax and cell phone numbers

* Family and emergency contacts

* Hire notes

* Location, department and job position descriptions

* W-4 status and additional government and tax-related data

* EEO status

* Time sheets and attendance

* Performance history

* Salary and benefits history

* Incentives and commissions disbursements

* Vacation and sick-day accrual

* Education, training and certifications

Highlights of this Application:

* Manage key information about your company, including important policies and procedures regarding time off, sexual harassment, dress code and other common workplace guidelines.

* Produce, publish and print custom reports for a single employee or your entire staff, and attach key documents to any employee's profile.

* Search your entire database and retrieve specific employee information quickly and easily with the File Manager's powerful search function.

* Manage incentives and commission disbursements for your entire staff or a single employee.

* Create and maintain an organization chart that provides a clear visualization of your company structure.

* Create multiple log-ins with varying degrees of security clearance and read or white access to protect private employee information.

* Build thorough employee performance and disciplinary reviews with our simple scoring system. Start from scratch or use our templates to write an employee assessment.

* Automate reminders for employee reviews, reports, appointments, training sessions and more.

System Requirements:

  * Win XP SP2 or higher
  * Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0
  * Microsoft SQL Server Express SP2
  * 32MB available storage space on your harddrive
  * Internet Access

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Small Business SoftwareClick here for complete Small Business Management Software - 11 Powerful Small Business Software Solutions All In One Toolbox To Help You Grow And Protect Your Business Today!

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