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Father's Rights Child Custody: Practical Advice To Prepare You

By: Jennifer D. Gray|LRL Writer

Divorce Child CustodyFor parent fathers who are faced with child custody, there are countless organizations, publications, articles and even websites dedicated in discussing father's rights child custody. Common knowledge denotes that mothers are better at caring for children as compared to fathers. On the other hand, this is not at all true. Depending on a case, mothers do not necessarily qualify as the best guardian for their children, thus, here is where the concept of father's rights child custody comes in. From the numerous accounts of child custody, mothers have frequently won the decision of the court. This article seeks to shed on light on this very matter.

In order to learn more about father's rights child custody, it is advisable to search first and read on the topic. There are countless resources in the Internet that discuss the fact that mothers often win against fathers in child custody. There are debates over this matter claiming that family courts usually fail parent fathers and instances wherein the father will just have to succumb to the courts mercy in hopes of getting as much visitation time as possible.

In this case, given that a parent is not given proper representation or any representation in court at all, the decision of the court system is set to favor the mother. He will just learn to accept the decision and carry on the idea that the de facto standard is still intact. Fortunately, the situation does not have to turn out in that manner. There are several points of contention concerning father's rights child custody and one of this is the gender disadvantage of a parent father when a child is born.

Mothers are at a certain advantage at childbirth since they are the ones who provide the necessary demands of the child such as breast feeding. However in time, it should be noted that the gender gap can also lessen considerably. The disadvantage that parent fathers get due to their gender can be traced to the norms set by the society. Fathers are usually set to take the role of the breadwinner and go out of the house while the mother is left behind to take care of the child. In essence, both parties are doing fulfilling their responsibilities in raising a child. The only problem is the father does his in an indirect manner.

Although fathers may be to some extent in a disadvantaged position in child custody, it pays to devote some time and effort learning about child custody. In this case, when one is knowledgeable enough, he may have better chances of winning child custody.

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