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Find An Attorney: The Right Approach

By: John Stuart Smith|LRL Writer

Find AttorneysIn the unfortunate event of facing a criminal or civil case, no matter how serious or minor it is, you will have the upper hand in the case if you find an attorney to represent or guide you through the whole process. If you think you do not need a lawyer to represent you, or if your budget is not enough to defray the costs of having one represent you in court, then a consultation may still be necessary. Find an attorney that specializes in your case with a record you can confirm.

A reliable attorney will identify the essential pretrial issues that should be covered. Your attorney will be able to bring notice to the appropriate motions for the judge to consider that will significantly help your situation in the end. Granted, finding the "perfect" attorney is a formidable task. Below are some suggestions to help you find an attorney.

The least expensive and effortless way is to ask for referrals among your peers, colleagues and relatives. If someone you know has faced a similar situation as you, then that person may be able to assist you in the process of finding a suitable attorney.

Here is another seldom used tip: Go to live public sessions in court if you can. Judge the way the attorneys present their clients' case. With this approach, you can witness firsthand if a particular attorney is competent. There are also professional attorney organizations you can research. In fact, each state has its own organization of criminal and civil lawyers you can easily find on the Internet. They are only a mouse click away.

Trust your assumptions and instincts when it comes to choosing the most suitable lawyer. After the initial consultation, gauge your feelings. If you feel uncomfortable, even if he or she is highly recommended by your peers, go with a different choice. Remember that you are not required to hire an attorney just because you had a consultation.

Before you select an attorney, investigate that person's record. It is important to know what strategy your representative employs, what his win-loss percentage is, and what others have to say about her record. Has your attorney received any complaints? Is he or she experienced? What is the attorney's underlying philosophy or approach to helping her clients win? These are all critical questions you should address in order to find an attorney who best meets your needs.

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