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Foreclosures FAQ

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  1. What is Foreclosure?
  2. How does the basic foreclosure process work?
  3. How long does the foreclosure process usually take?
  4. What is a judicial and non-judicial foreclosure process?
  5. What happens to the property if no one bids on the property?
  6. Will the foreclosure process continue while negotiating a payment workout?
  7. When in the foreclosure process should I move out of my house?
  8. What happens at a foreclosure sale?
  9. What options do I have once I've received a foreclosure notice?
  10. Can I sell my home during a foreclosure process?
  11. What is a short sale?
  12. Why would a lender accept a short sale?
  13. Will the lender consider a Short Sale if my mortgage is current?
  14. What are the tax consequences to the seller of a short sale?