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Green Card Status: How To Check Status Of Your Green Card

By: John C. Anderson|LRL Writer

Immigration Green CardGreen Card is the legal document given to the immigrant by United States of America after completing the information required by the same. Also known as Permanent Resident Card, this green card approves an individual to have the permanent resident status, to leave and return to US, seek employment, retain their national citizenship, study at any place of their will and have legal rights to work in the country like that of a citizen without any hindrance. When the process of getting the green card is completed, the next step is to keep a check on the status of green card.

The processing time for the green card status can be quite long and will take a toll of a lot of your patience, time and it is complicated. Moreover, most of the time it might become very difficult to know what exactly has been taking so long. The process of the status can be checked upon the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website. The current status of all types of Visas is mentioned on the website along with the dates when everyone had applied. This is done to ease the process of finding the information that is required.

The different categories of the green card like those that are sponsored by a family member, through an employer, green card lottery, refugee or asylum status or other humanitarian programs are processed in the same order as it would go into the immigration office. For example, if a person has applied for a green card that is sponsored by the family member, in that case, the application would stand in queue of the family member green card and would be processed on the basis of the date you had applied on and hence the same green card status will be available on the website.


The application that the person had sent for the green card will either be accepted, rejected or will be notified to the applicant for more information. Since the checking of the information on each application is carried on by hand, the process takes time. This is for the same reason why the green card takes time of 2 to 3 years. However, every person should either check their status online or confirm about the same through the customer service number. This is for the same reason why a person should keep a check on the green card status as it changes when the officials process it through other applications.

Though there is no way to speedup the process, as the official would like to be perceived as just and fair, the only way to accelerate the process without getting frustrated is by making sure that the information is up to date including the medical tests and other document submission. In this case there is a possibility that the person can get his/her green card in three to six months after they had submitted the green card application. It is these small yet important and effective steps that will ensure that the green card is received by the person in the quickest possible time. Hence it is suggested to check for green card status on a regular basis to check for approval.

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