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Human Resource Management Software
With HR Document Builder

The perfect companion to the Employee File Manager, the HR Document Builder streamlines the development of an extensive library of custom HR documents thanks to an efficient template-based approach to document creation.

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Your own Human Resource Management Software with HR document builder. Don't start from scratch. Let our Experts do the writing for you. Our wizard-style design guides you step-by-step through the creation of all the human resource documents you'll ever need.

Create and store an assortment of requisite HR documents, like personnel policies, job descriptions, interview worksheets, handbooks and more, using our comprehensive document templates and data replacement forms. Simply choose a template, fill in a few key points about your business, and instantly generate a custom contract or job offer letter. The HR Document Builder home page also serves as your shelf-top guide to human resource management.

You Can Access:

* Free downloads of required federal and state posters.

* Important tax and legal forms.

* Informational content covering a range of human resources-related topics.

* Links to laws governing labor in your state.

Hightlights Of This Application:

* Save Time and Money: Our sizeable library of pre-crafted text templates makes building all of your human resource materials efficient and cost-effective.

* Access Everything in One Place. Other Web sites make you pay expensive fees for a single document template. With the HR Document Builder, you gain access to hundreds of templates - and the ability to create your own - all with one affordable monthly subscription.

* Store Your Templates Online. Stay organized and efficient by storing all your document drafts on our secure server for future use.

* Get an All-in-On Solution. Using the HR Document Builder, you can create, edit and store hundreds of documents and templates for your small business, including:

* Office Policies, such as time-off, sexual harassment and dress code.
* Employee handbooks.
* Job descriptions.
* Phone interview forms.
* Face-to-face interview forms.
* Job candidate evaluation forms.
* Job offer/rejection letters.
* Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.
* Inter-office correspondence.
* Employee review forms.

System Requirements: 

* Internet Access
* Adobe Acrobat 6 Reader
* Microsoft Word or an alternative Word Processor

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