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No Fault Insurance: Learn Why It's Important To Have  Accident & Personal Injury Videos RSS Feed

No-Fault protection insurance is also known as Personal Injury Protection (PIP).

No-fault insurance is intended to quickly cover medical bills and expenses for every person involved in an auto accident regardless of liability. Medical doctors frequently treat patients for injuries cause from automobile collisions, and then submit the bills to the patient's insurance company for reimbursement. However, damage to your car or to other personal property is not covered by no-fault insurance, so it's important to protect the value of your car by purchasing a Comprehensive and Collision coverage.

No-Fault is also primary to health insurance, which means it pays first in the event injury occurs due to an auto accident. Under this coverage, your insurer provides you with protection against economic losses arising from injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents anywhere within the United States. This is a type of coverage that will insures your medical expenses for personal injury if you are involved in a car accident, no matter who is at fault.

No fault insurance is so convenient that many states have made no fault car insurance laws to save time which would otherwise be spent at court. If you’re considering of getting no fault car insurance, you probably want to know precisely what can be covered by this type of insurance. It’s an alternative to traditional tort insurance and this coverage was made to keep small claims from going through the courthouse. No fault protection insurance is somewhat different in every state that has it, check with your local insurance agent for coverage and benefits.

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