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Business Management Consultant and Legal Service Plans Benefits Coverage Summary:
Legal Consultation Services
* Legal Correspondence Services
* Designated Consultations
* Basic Contract Review
* Executed Contract Review
* Document Review
* Debt Collection Letters
* Trial Defense Services
* Reduced Fee Services
* Reduced Contingency Fee Services
* GoSmallBiz -Unlimited Business Consultations
* Plus access to database of over 30,000
   premium legal forms

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Small Business Management Software

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Eleven Software Solutions All-In-One Toolbox 

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* Employee Management Software

* Human Resource Management Software

* Business Plan Software

* Business Management Consultant
* Business Website Builder

* Corporate Minutes Software

* Compliance Management Software

Plus 4 Brand New Software Modules:
* Small Business CRM Software
* Email Campaign Software

* Online Project Management Software

* Issue Tracking Software

Employee Benefits Program: Attracting
And Retaining Quality Employee

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Employee Benefits Program

As an employer, have you ever:

* Had an employee take time off work for personal legal issues or family domestic related issues?

* Lost productivity because of an employee's loss of focus on the job?

* Had to deal with complicated administrative forms and deductibles with your employee benefits?

Get competitive advantage for recruiting new employees and keeping them, because employees they shop for benefits. 


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