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What are typical expenses in a personal injury lawsuit?

In New York personal injury lawsuits, filing fees usually total less than $500. Deposition transcripts also usually total less than $500. The biggest expense is when a lawsuit goes to trial and we have to pay doctors and other experts to testify. We have paid anywhere from $300 to $7500 for a doctor’s time, and some doctors may charge more. Other expenses include process servers, investigations, medical records, and meals. We do our best to limit expenses. This is particularly important in cases with lower values. Once we won a $16,000 verdict. The main specialist had moved away and it would have cost $10,000 or more to bring him here. We went with a local doctor who charged only $1000. His testimony was excellent.

Some cases are more complicated and expenses are higher. Typical reasons why you might see increased expenses are the need for additional experts, such as for accident reconstruction, or where we need to have more than one doctor testify.

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