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What are some common terms associated with Identity Theft?

An emergent issue in society, identity theft is the series of tasks involving the theft of one’s personal information, such as your name, credit card number, or social security number which in turn is utilized for illegal activity. It is the fastest growing crime in America and it is estimated by the FTC, that approximately 9 million individuals get their identities stolen each year. With more frequent online use, identity theft abuse is expected to grow and impact individuals of all ages.

1) Dumpster Rummaging is an activity in which thieves delve through trash, looking for personal mailings and documents. Thieves who resort to this method are often less experienced, or need to acquire the information quickly.

2) Phishing involves a complex deception, usually performed via online communication services. These connections will dispatch malware applications to your system, permitting the perpetrator to access delicate information on your system.

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