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Who is qualified to handle personal injury claims?

Following this narrative, you will see an extensive list of the types of cases that may be included under the heading "Personal Injury". Clearly, personal injury claims of any serious nature should be pursued by attorneys who are experienced and knowledgeable in the field of litigation. They should be very familiar with the human anatomy and be able to understand medical reports. It is important that an attorney help you to obtain the proper medical care and treatment, neither encouraging unnecessary tests or treatment, nor ignoring needs you may have for proper treatment to improve your condition and demonstrate the seriousness of your case.

A good personal injury attorney will know about the doctors and other health care providers, including the abilities of the medical care facilities in the area. They will know enough about the types of injuries that are commonly seen in these cases to discuss knowledgeably with you the various possibilities and make you aware of what to watch for and "notice about yourself". They will advise you on how to keep track of these matters so that they can be well presented by him to an adjuster, or if litigation is necessary, at your deposition and possibly at trial testimony. They will have an understanding of the kinds of evidence necessary to substantiate your claims and know how to make a jury aware of and appreciate the kind of pain and suffering you are going through.

Educating a jury or an adjuster is particularly difficult in soft tissue injury cases, like whiplash. They are the kinds of cases often denigrated by the typical insurance adjuster and even juries. Soft tissue injuries often involve muscle tear, bulging discs, pinched nerves, stretched ligaments or pulled tendons, amongst other things. People who have not lived with such injuries do not appreciate their seriousness nor how long they may cause a person to be severely limited in their physical activities and pain.

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