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Wrongful Termination Lawyers: Arm Yourself Against Unscrupulous Employers

By: John Stuart Smith|LRL Writer

Wrongful Termination AttorneyUnforeseen events that we have no control over are an inevitable fact of life and happen to us all. For those who work full-time, these events can have a tremendously disruptive effect on your career or job, whether the events are financial, emotional, etc. Since these events can interfere with your job performance or attendance, having a good employer who can accommodate your personal needs is a great benefit to have. However, not all employers are scrupulous, and they may fire you unjustifiably even though you may have a legitimate excuse. In these types of situations, it is very helpful to seek out wrongful termination lawyers.

Take for example Mary, a pregnant lady who had been employed by her company for 10 years. Her manager, Jonathan, upon hearing of Mary's pregnancy, fired her simply because she was pregnant. This situation is a clear example of a wrongful termination. Mary would have legal recourse and could look for wrongful termination lawyers to bring a lawsuit against her company because she was fired without just cause.

Companies are very well aware of laws that protect employees from being wrongfully terminated. Understanding the impact that a given employee may have by being absent, some still fire employees using a believable reason that is really a pretext for the main reason that they are firing the employee. But wrongful termination is still wrong, and employees should not accept it.

If you feel you were wrongly terminated, you may need legal counsel. Here are some tips to help you in finding wrongful termination lawyers. First, make sure you are able to document all of the events leading up to your termination. Evidence is important in winning a wrongful termination lawsuit. You can help your attorney by saving records of your attendance, the quality of your work, and e-mail correspondence. By showing that you were a responsible employee and did nothing wrong that would give justification for being fired, you are boosting your case tremendously. In other words, you want to eliminate all possible reasons an employer might bring up in court that would turn attention from the main focus, which is that they fired you for no legitimate reason.

In looking for wrongful termination lawyers, research the available attorneys. It's important to interview with them to see if you feel comfortable having them represent you. You want to make sure he or she has a good record. There are many attorneys who would probably like to represent you and may make outrageous promises that they may not be able to keep.

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