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  • Watch videos and learn the different types of Accident and Personal Injury Law. Find out information to the most common accidents and personal injury legal matter

  • Read different types of Accidents and Personal Injury Articles. Arm yourself with knowledge on how to protect, defend and prevent yourself against accidents and personal injury lawsuit.

  • Learn the different types of Accident and Personal Injury Law, Articles, Videos and FAQs with your legal questions

  • Court appearances during your Bankruptcy process

  • A business could also become victim of a data breach the unauthorized disclosure of information that compromises the security, confidentiality, or integrity of personally identifiable information.

  • Unfortunately, Yes. Kids are now the fastest growing segment of identity theft victims. More than 10,000 kids had their identities stolen in 2006 alone, nearly a 60% increase over 2003.

  • Learn if domestic support obligations are dischargeable in a Bankruptcy

  • In October 1998 Congress passed the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act (918 U.S.C. §1028), Identity Theft is a Federal Crime, which makes it a federal felony to use another person's identification with the intent to commit unlawful activity.

  • Auto accident claims for damages resulting from the injuries an individual has suffered usually be based upon the medical records from the accident, so it's particularly significant that you choose and do get medical treatment as quickly as possible.

  • Auto accident personal injury protection coverage. Learn how PIP also know as no fault insurance coverage can help your medical expenses in the event of an auto accident.

  • The balance sheet is one of four standard financial statements and is a summary of a company’s financial position at a given point in time. The balance sheet normally is broken down into three main elements assets, liabilities, and net equity to show what the company owns and owes on that date.

  • Bankruptcy and Debt Relief Articles, learn very important tips before, during and after filing for bankruptcy and find out resources for debt relief programs.

  • Bankruptcy FAQ, get the answers to the most commonly ask questions about bankruptcy laws and how to file for bankruptcy

  • Bankruptcy Information, a video overview how filing for bankruptcy work. Learn what documents to prepare before filing for bankruptcy

  • Watch videos and learn the different types of Bankruptcy Law and Debt Relief information. Find out the answers to most common bankruptcy and debt relief legal matters

  • Learn the different types of Bankruptcy Law & Consumer Debt Relief, Articles, Videos and FAQs with your legal questions

  • Bankruptcy Mortgage, learn if filing bankruptcy could prevent your mortgage lender from foreclosing your home. Find out your options if you are facing foreclosure.

  • The break even analysis is critical for any business owner, because you will know exactly when you begin to make a profit. The break even point is the lowest limit when determining profit margins. Another use for break even analysis is to use the information from the analysis to help determine the company's financial strategy.

  • Building business credit is similar as building personal credit and requires a pro-active approach. Having an excellent business credit score means you'll be in the best position to negotiate top deals for your company, from low interest loans to competitive credit cards rates, without jeopardizing your personal credit score.

  • Arm yourself with knowledge and learn from our business articles to help you grow your small business. We are helping entrepreneurs continue to search for opportunities, our small business articles are a resource of information to help you get the answers to running your small business.

  • A paydex score of 80 means your business credit rating is excellent and that all of your bills are being paid within terms, whereas a paydex score of 63 may indicate that your bills are being paid 20 days beyond terms. Your business credit rating is going to show potential lenders what type of a borrower you will be if you borrow money from them.

  • A business financial statement provides valuable information about the business which may be important to a financial institution, an investor or to a business partner. The three main parts of business financial statements are: Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement.

  • A business line of credit will protect the business owner's personal credit rating score. Business credit scores and personal credit scores are considered separately. The line of credit also allows the business owner to receive 100% of the line as cash.

  • Learn from the industry experts with our Business Management Consultant on demand 24-7 access anytime at your convenience. Toss out the heavy books and get all the information you need about running a small business through our growing library of one to two-hour video tutorials.

  • The main purpose of writing a business plan format is to focus on your business objectives using the appropriate information. Any weakness or omissions in your business plan come to light when the business plan format is made.

  • The business plan outline is not the same for all businesses and varies according to business size and requirements. It lays down all the steps you are going to cover in your business start-up and ensures smooth running of your business. A good outline for your business plan should be drawn up either by you or by a consultant.

  • The Business Plan Software is your very own comprehensive business planning builder manager. Build a cost-effective, professional business plan in only a matter of hours using our new Business Plan Software that will help writes the story for you.

  • Business property insurance insures company building and your property assets; like office equipment, tools, computers, chairs, desks, tables, etc. Business insurance is typically offered by specific risks, carefully evaluate the policy before signing up.

  • Buying a car during or after bankruptcy, watch a video and learn some tips involving the acquisition or sale of any property during your bankruptcy process

  • Information about your student loans when filing for your Bankruptcy petition

  • Learn what is good time to buy your new house while in Bankruptcy

  • Changing your Bankruptcy Chapter how they work

  • Filing and your own cases and to represent your own interests in bankruptcy proceedings

  • Your mortgage overdue payments under Chapter 13 Bankruptcy rules

  • Selling your home during the foreclosure process, how it works

  • How alimony and child support handled in a Bankruptcy proceeding

  • The big thing that goofs many people up, you need substantiation to prove your business use. Ideally, in fact, the Internal Revenue Service wants you to keep a log of your business miles, your commuting miles, and your personal miles.

  • Learn the Clerk's Office role when providing you with information pertaining to filing for Bankruptcy

  • Filing for Bankruptcy during the process of your home foreclosure

  • Car Accident Injury Claim, insurance plan bearer meticulously going over the car accident injury claim whether or not deserves to be granted damage fees by an injury or disability

  • Car Accident Reports important tips when filing your report. Your limited time allotted for the filing of car accident reports and lawsuits are part of the regulations known as the statute of limitations

  • Watch video overview to learn the top Causes of Divorce. Learn what the most common reasons why married couples file for divorce

  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy FAQ, find the answers to the most commonly ask questions how to declare and filing for bankruptcy

  • Learn Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Rules to see if you are suitable individual with stable and regular income to meet timely set repayment schedule before filing for bankruptcy. Both debtors and creditors have advantages under Chapter 13.

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy FAQ, learn the answers to the most commonly ask questions about chapter 7 bankruptcy information

  • The fate of the financial status of the debtor features an important section of the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Information. An individual thinking about filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy would have to face a test under revised and reformed laws.

  • The most important Chapter 7 bankruptcy information you should have is finding a reputable bankruptcy attorney who understands your concerns and who is not more concerned about attorney fees than your own financial plight. Learn important tips about Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, a video overview of the Pros and Cons of Chapter 7. Learn the advantages and disadvantages before filing for bankruptcy

  • Chapter 7 Vs Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, find out whether liquidating your assets to pay off debts or negotiate your debts for reasonable repayments to creditors is your best option

  • Check Credit Report, screening your credit report on a regular basis is an essential part of preventing and detecting identity theft and fraud. It's considered the first and best defense to catch any type of suspicious activity.

  • Child Custody for Fathers, has been gaining considerable and favorable outcomes. In cases where the decision is left for the courts to decide, fathers nowadays are continually proving themselves are the more emotionally stable parent.

  • Child Custody Forms, find out the various list of forms before filing for child custody. These forms can be easily accessed over with the use of the Internet and usually there are already instructions included.

  • Child Custody Laws, watch a video overview how legal custody work. Learn some tips with child custody issues when filing for divorce

  • Child Custody Questions, get some answers and information with your child custody rights, child support and other legal issues. Initially, the judge will try to find out which parent holds the best interest for the child.

  • Child Custody Rights, learn your rights when dealing with divorce child custody legal issues. A comprehensive list was created by the Wisconsin Supreme Court which provided guidelines for people concerning child custody rights.

  • Child Custody Rights, a video overview how child custody work. Find out parental custody rights and responsibilities when going through divorce process

  • Child Support Payments, watch video overview how child support work. Learn how to calculate child support payments for your divorce case

  • Collaborative Divorce, a video overview how collaborative divorce is different from divorce mediation. Learn the advantages of hiring a collaborative divorce attorney

  • Compliance Management Software risk assessment tools is your protection to ensure your business is not at risk and in-compliance at all times. The Business Risk Assessment tool will help you answer a very important question about your business: Are you playing a dangerous game of risk?

  • Watch video overview how Computer Forensic Investigation can benefit your divorce case. Learn how computer forensics investigator identify information in a computer system and recover deleted or hidden files, restore formatted encrypted or damaged file information

  • Consumer debt relief also known as debt settlement program is a very effective plan allowing financially over-extended families and individuals to repay their debts in realistic terms. This program will work closely with your creditors, so they have confidence in your commitment to repay your debts.

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  • With Corporate Minutes Software you can now manage and organize all your corporate records all-in-one place. Many businesses don't know the risks of failing to keep a corporate minute book. Our tool helps you avoid those risks by keeping you compliant with important government regulations related to corporate minute keeping.

  • Learn the different ways of Credit Card Debt Relief programs to resolve your debt. Credit cards have a universal default clause; this allows them to raise your interests because of late payment or if they consider you a high credit risk without you knowing it.

  • It is highly recommended to purchase a Credit Card Fraud Protection Plan, because the peace of mind in the end is totally worth it, in the event your identity gets compromised.

  • Credit Monitoring Services can identify any problems that may be recorded in error with legitimate creditors. Discrepancies on credit reports are quite common. The key to resolving any problems is to find them and act on them as quickly as possible.

  • Regular Credit Report Monitoring can save you in many ways. It's important that you review your credit report to check for any pertinent information that could indicate any type of suspicious identity fraud.

  • Credit Score Range, is used to assign grades, scoring points that are made to qualify your results as high, average and low. It will give objective viewpoint to the creditworthiness of a person and thus helps the lender in making effective decisions.

  • Learn the different types of Criminal Law, Articles, Videos and FAQs with your legal questions

  • Debt Relief Consolidation is a service specifically designed for you to manage your credit card and bill obligations into smaller and one easy way. This process consolidates many debts into one and low interest loan. This could also be referred as credit counseling program or as a debt management form.

  • Legal research law - legal disclaimer and condition of use

  • Learn if you have a personal injury case

  • Listings your creditors in my Bankruptcy case

  • The statistic shows that about 40 percent of small businesses aren't insured at all, because their owners assume that having a small business insurance policy is too costly for their enterprise. Fact is that not having a business insurance may lead to expenses far beyond annual premiums, putting you at risk of losing your business.

  • Depending on the type of business you are starting, you may be required to obtain local, county, State or Federal licensing. It is important to determine which of these will be required before you start conducting any business since heavy fines are usually associated with conducting a business without proper licenses and permits.

  • Learn if you qualify for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy before you file

  • Learn the importance whether having a Bankruptcy attorney can make a difference to your case

  • The main advantage of a Do It Yourself Bankruptcy Filing is the savings. Many people who choose this option lack the funds to afford even a bankruptcy attorney. Perhaps you are one. But if you can afford an attorney, a do it yourself bankruptcy filing may not be the best option to avoid any costly mistakes.

  • DUI Charges against drivers who had consumed a certain amount of alcohol before or during driving. Find out what is your DUI Defense protection and penalties.

  • The Employee Management Software will organize and manage all your employee information with this user-friendly desktop application designed specifically for small to mid-sized businesses up to 99 employees.

  • Learn Employment & Labor Law, find out information different types of Labor Law, Articles, Videos and FAQs with your legal questions

  • With the easy online Business Website Builder there is no need to hire costly web designer. You can now have your own professional looking business website optimize for SEO (search engine optimization) and your site will be up and running immediately.

  • It is well-known that collection agents resort to many unfair means to recover debt and often the consumers find themselves in a hapless situation. Fair Debt Collection Act is a statutory law, designed to promote the consumers from being harassed in any unedifying or undignified manner by collection agents.

  • Learn Family Law, find out information with different types of Family Law, Articles, Videos and FAQs with your legal questions.

  • Family Law and Divorce Articles, learn very important tips before, during and after filing for divorce, legal separation, child custody, child support and spousal support. And find out resources for divorce records and forms.

  • Watch videos and learn the various types of Family Law and Divorce information. Find out the answers to most common family law and divorce process legal matters

  • Father's Rights Child Custody, important tips what you should know when filing for child custody. Depending on a case, mothers do not necessarily qualify as the best guardian for their children, thus, here is where the concept of father's rights child custody comes in.

  • Find out how to get started when filing for Chapter 13 Bankrupty

  • Filing For Bankruptcy, a video overview how Chapter 7 Bankruptcy work. Learn what exempt and non-exempt assets can and cannot be sold to pay off your creditors

  • Learn how to select and Find An Attorney for your divorce case. Watch video overview explaining how to choose an attorney when filing for divorce

  • Lean how to Find An Attorney qualified and experienced to represent or guide you through the process with your legal issues and challenges

  • Foreclosure FAQ, learn the answers to the most frequently ask questions about the different types of foreclosure homes and legal issues.

  • Free Divorce Forms, learn what are the right types of divorce forms before you file. It is very essential to know and verify whether these free divorce forms downloaded are correct and are approved by judicial branch of the state concerned. There is a high chance that the courts may reject it leading only to disappointment.

  • Free Divorce Records, learn how to obtain divorce information and what contains in the records. All requests are redirected to the court office initially responsible for dealing with the case. Some of the records which can be obtained are called the "Divorce Decree" and "Divorce Certificate".

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  • Learn how Green Card Process work when applying for your permanent resident card. The green card gives liberty to the person to leave and return to US, seek employment and study at any place of their will and retain their native citizenship as well.

  • The Green Card Renewal process is very important to ensure that your permanent resident card is still valid and not revoked by any chance. The Green Card holder needs to fill a Form I-90 (Application to Replace a Permanent Resident Card)

  • Green Card Status is what many strive for, but they must be granted a permanent resident card after attaining a number of criteria and meeting the necessary requirements.

  • Help With Foreclosure, see what alternatives the lender can provide you to save your home. You may be able to get a new lower fixed rate in a form of loan modification foreclosure, if you are in an adjustable

  • Legal Research Law provides you with valuable information for different types of legal issues, view how to videos and learn various types of legal information, get answers to most frequently asked questions with all types of legal matters, read articles and helpful tips legal resources.

  • Find out the primary role of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee

  • Learn the procedures how your assets are sold by the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee

  • Compensation and commission rate of a Panel Trustee administration in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

  • Find out how personal injury cases are resolved

  • Information in rebuilding your credit after your Bankruptcy

  • Tips on how you may collect your personal injury award

  • To determine the price of a business, the owner will need a Business Valuation. A Business Valuation is an appraisal or determination of the value of the business or property based on current and historical data and establishes a Fair Market Value.

  • A reputable company will carry a certification for data and operational security, which means they follow the best practices of the industry to keep your information secure internally.

  • Learn the differences between secured, unsecured, priority or administrative before filing for your Bankruptcy petition

  • Find out how you would know if you have a personal injury case

  • A business plan is a written document that describes the business you want to start and how it will become profitable. A business plan usually begins with a statement outlining the purpose and goals of the business and goes on to show how the business owner will realize those goals, including a detailed marketing strategy.

  • Some tips on how the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy case work

  • Understanding the basic typical process of how Foreclosure work

  • Find out how bankruptcy trustee is selected to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

  • It is difficult to predict how long the effects of identity theft may linger. This is because it is dependent on multiple factors including the type of theft, whether the thief sold or passed your information on to other thieves.

  • Approximate duration period Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can take

  • Business transactions can happen quickly or they may take over a year before the buyer is located. The average transaction takes anywhere from 4 to 6 months.

  • Learn the typical timeframe how long does Foreclosure usually take

  • Learn the number of years Bankruptcy information stays in your credit report

  • Approximate length to settle a personal injury claim

  • Compared with the hundred of dollars and countless headaches a single instance of identity theft would cost you, the price seems even more appealing.

  • Number of years for the debtor's income repayment to the Chapter 13 trustee

  • An attorney can help educate you on How To File For Bankruptcy. You need a trustworthy and reliable partner in dealing with this kind of sensitive case before filing for bankruptcy. An experienced attorney who understands your concerns, and can adequately and competently represent your best interests.

  • Learn the different types of business licenses and permits which can range from a basic to specific use. There are several types of licensing and permits, covering from different federal, state, and local government agencies you may need to acquire prior to opening or operating for business.

  • Small Business Loan is often a necessity for starting a personal business. Learn How to Get A Small Business Loan at the beginning or for an expansion at a later stage of your business. Learn the important documents required when one goes to an agency for a small business loan.

  • Learn some important tips on How To Prevent Identity Theft. Identity theft is growing rapidly in today's computer age. Accessing your identity information and personal data is not difficult.

  • Learn how your credit rating influence after filing for Bankruptcy

  • The Human Resource Management Software with HR document builder. Don't start from scratch. Let our experts do the writing for you. Our wizard-style design guides you step-by-step through the creation of all the human resource documents you'll ever need.

  • Read different types of Identity Theft Articles. Arm yourself with knowledge about deter, detect, defend and prevent against identity theft fraud.

  • Identity Theft FAQ, learn the answers to the most commonly asked questions about the different types of Identity Theft Fraud and legal issues.

  • Identity Theft Fraud, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) identity thieves employ a variety of tactics to get your personal information. Learn the different way thieves steal your information.

  • Learn Identity Theft Laws, find out information different types of Identity Theft, Articles, Videos and FAQs with your legal questions

  • Identity Theft Laws vary from state to state, depending on the nature of the crime, punishment can range from a misdemeanor to a federal offense. If you get convicted federally, each offense carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 2 years.

  • Identity Theft Protection Services, can save you time and paperwork as would be required if you were to do it all yourself if your identity is stolen. Make sure the protection plan covers true identity restoration and legal services to assist you.

  • Identity Theft Resources, learn the available resources for consumers from different types of government agencies and national organization to deter, detect, defend, avoid, prevent, help and fight against identity theft fraud.

  • Identity Theft Scams, thieves involve in identity theft don't just open credit card accounts under someone else's name. The thieves will do things such as passing counterfeit checks, withdrawing money from ATM's, and even getting a driver’s license under your name with their picture!

  • Watch Identity Theft Videos and learn the different types of identity theft scams, fraud, prevention and identity theft resources.

  • Learn under the law what creditors are required when tryring to collect debts once a bankruptcy case is filed

  • Learn the correct steps to take if you have involve in a personal injury claim

  • Learn how Immigration and Naturalization Service system work. Citizenship and Immigration Services governs the laws and regulations for immigration and naturalization service, and it is an ever-changing and complex area of the law.

  • Learn Immigration Law, find out information with different types of immigration and naturalization services, Articles, Videos and FAQs with your legal questions

  • There are three types of income statement analysis that are very common; Horizontal Analysis, Vertical Analysis and Ratios Analysis. Managers, analysts, investors and creditors for stocks and bonds use the income statement analysis as a decision making tool. It gives information to company officials and outsiders about the worth and position of the company.

  • Incorporating a business is recommended as the benefits are too many. Learn the advantages, disadvantages and cost incurred when incorporating your business. Choose a business structure that suits your company best. Then select the state you wish to incorporate in and find the package that best suits your business.

  • Internet identity theft is ranked as one of the most-reported types of fraud, for five years in a row according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Protect your computer system, install software that scans your computer regularly for spyware.

  • Find out Is A DUI A Felony? DUI is a serious criminal offense that may result in the enforcement of harsh penalties if you are convicted. Depending upon whether he or she is charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, you may face imprisonment in county jail or possibly in state prison

  • Learn your option before filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

  • Learn which Bankruptcy chapter is right for you

  • Learn the answers to most frequently asked questions about the different types of legal issues. Your legal questions answered by expert attorneys.

  • View legal research law video library and learn the answers to the most common legal issues

  • Legal Separation Vs Divorce, learn what you should know the important difference if you are in the process of filing for divorce. This is because there are people who are not aware that there is such a difference exists.

  • Legal service plans provide coverage to members for basic legal needs that range from starting a small business, legal consultation services, corporate legal structures, legal correspondence services, designated consultations, contract review, trial defense services, IRS audit legal services and more.

  • Liability Insurance For Small Business Liability covers your business uncertainties that can occur on a daily basis. It helps you and your business to recover from the expenses occurred and helps smooth functioning of your business.

  • Living Trust Vs Will, know which is best for you will depend on identifying your needs and goals

  • Learn the advantages and disadvantages of LLC Vs S Corp. Both S Corporations and LLCs are good for tax purposes and eliminate chances of double taxation. So choosing either LLC Vs S Corp may make sense depending on your type of business. It may make sense by weighing the advantages and disadvantages for your specific type of business.

  • Loan Modification Foreclosure has been developed to help homeowners cope up with their monthly loan payments. If you are at risk of foreclosure, it's important to know how to apply for a loan modification foreclosure

  • Learn the answer to your Bankruptcy debt repayment

  • Learn the answers to filing Bankruptcy with your spouse together or separate?

  • No Fault Insurance, this is a type of coverage that will insures your medical expenses for personal injury if you are involved in a car accident, no matter who is at fault.

  • Personal Injury FAQ, find the answers to the most commonly ask questions about personal injury lawsuits

  • Personal injury settlement is a way of resolving the compensation claim without the need to go to the court. If ever you are offered with insurance settlement, you have to consider all your expenses.

  • Personal Injury Settlements important tips in calculating and determining the amount needed to be paid in your personal injury claim

  • Personal injury settlements are awards for physical injury or illness injury suit may not be counted as taxable income. The thoughts behind this are that these funds are not rewarded as a monetary gain to the individual.

  • Small Business CRM Software, Email Campaign Software, Online Project Management Software and Issue Tracking Software are the four brand new addition applications modules to your gosmallbiz toolbox without any additional cost.

  • Prescription Drugs and Medications for use and sale in the United States are governed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), whose purpose is to provide reasonable assurance of safety and effectiveness for all medications.

  • Preventing Identity Theft, there are several layers of protection you can use to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft. You can't completely eliminate the chances.

  • Legal Research Law Privacy Policy. We have created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm and continuing commitment to the privacy of personal information provided by those visiting and interacting with this web site. We hold the privacy of your personal information in the highest regard.

  • Probate Process, knowing the full details of the probate process is essential. Understanding probate can sometimes be a complex process involve and lengthy

  • Probate Will, learn how probate will work, the process that Probate Will goes through can be really tedious

  • Profit and loss statements is use as a tool of comparison and also help to locate problem areas in sales, margins and expenses, and provide methods of investigating problem areas in a reasonable amount of time. Profit and loss statements will give the business owner at one glance to review and make any type of adjustments where needed the most to the current business operations.

  • Learn Real Estate Law, find out information different types of Real Estate legal matters, Articles, Videos and FAQs with your legal questions

  • A business budget is a powerful business tool that will help you make better decisions. The act of budgeting for your business forces you to think through all the important numbers and to develop a picture of what your business is going to look like in three, six, nine and 12 months.

  • Business financial statements are crucial instruments they provide information used by company's management, creditors and investors for analysis to make better decisions. There are four basic types of financial statements: balance sheets, income statements, cash-flow statements and statements of retained earnings.

  • A cash flow statement is a financial report that describes the source of a company's cash and how it was spent over a specified time period. The cash flow statement is derived from the income statement and the balance sheet. Many cash flows are constructed with multiple time periods.

  • A Depreciation schedule is an accounting procedure for determining the amount of value left in a piece of equipment. There are several methods for calculating depreciation, generally based on either the passage of time or the level of activity (or use) of the asset.

  • An income statement is a financial statement that shows sales, cost of sales, gross margin, operating expenses, and profits or losses. Gross margin is sales less cost of sales, and profit (or loss) is gross margin less operating expenses and taxes.

  • A profit and loss statement is a quick reference charting income versus expenses for the period of time it covers, and it usually ends with a financial amount called a net income, or bottom line.

  • The purpose of having a secured business credit card account is to either establish or rebuild a reputation for financial stability. The secured credit card is targeted specifically to people with bad credit. This helps the business move from a secured to an unsecured card at some point in the future.

  • Setting up an LLC is actually a simple process which does not take long if one is ready with the business organizational process. Learn the 7 steps you need to take on how to form an LLC. The simple formation type can be handled without the help of an attorney very easily.

  • In most cases this is a bad idea. You have had that number for many years and it is attached to many documents, including your credit report and various other private and government documents.

  • You do not need to get an EIN (federal tax ID or Employer Identification Number) from the IRS if you are a sole proprietor without employees. You can open your business bank account with your DBA name using your social security number (SSN).

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  • Learn the different aspects of starting a small business and find the answers to most common legal issues in running a small business. Read articles and watch videos with variety of legal matters about small business solutions.

  • Small Business Administration Loans are low-interest loans that have government backing. This type of loan enables your business to obtain secured financing when conventional collateral might not be adequate.

  • Small Business FAQ, learn the answers from the experts to the most commonly asked questions about the different types of small business related legal issues.

  • There are several agencies offering small business help to entrepreneurs and this is extremely helpful. Along with business ideas, business help in the form of loans are also available to all those desiring to start a small business of their own.

  • There are a few agencies that offer training in starting a Small Business along with Small Business Loans For Women. They impart ample training on start up, business acumen and know-how and other legalities associated with running a business.

  • With Small Business Management Consultant and Legal Service Plans you can now protect and grow your small business without any worries. You will have access to top quality AV Ratings attorneys, as well as get top quality industry experts advice from business consultants for your small business.

  • Eleven professional high quality all-in-one small business management software suite designed by entrepreneurs. Increase your productivity and run your small business with efficiency while decreasing your monthly overhead cost, which is necessary to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

  • Learn and read the latest small business news reports, stories, articles, tips, strategies and other business related materials. Get inform, innovate and investigate your world, from the competitor down the block to trends across the globe and even check in on your favorite sports teams.

  • Starting a business and managing it efficiently requires careful planning and implementation. Even a small business plan needs to be worked out properly to ensure successful running. Go through the checklist for your business plan start-up.

  • Learn small business solutions, resources and eleven small business management software to help protect and grow your business today. Find out how to get unlimited consultation and advice from business consultants experts and legal consultation for your small business.

  • Watch and gain some knowledge from our small business video collection library. Learn the answers to most common issues about running a small business. From building business credit, getting business lines of credit, small business management software and how to find a small business management consultant.

  • Stop Mortgage Foreclosure, some important tips to learn the process of how to prevent from mortgage foreclosure. Lenders are obliged to assist homeowners who are unable to sustain their monthly payment rates to enter into an eligibility program for loan modification.

  • Legal Research Law - Terms and Conditions of Use. Any information contained herein is intended for informational purposes only as public service and should not be construed as legal advice.

  • An unsecured business line of credit requires no collateral. However, unsecured loans do come with higher interest rates. Since the bank has no collateral or assets in reserve, they must charge higher interest rates to assure their protection.

  • Warrants for arrest, learn the proper procedure when law enforcement has adequate evidence for search warrants and the statute of limitations.

  • Resources and government agencies website links of 50 states that provides information for obtaining licenses and permits for your business.

  • Deciding which assets are exempt and how you can protect these assets from your creditors in your bankruptcy case

  • List of reasons why someone files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

  • An emergent issue in society, identity theft is the series of tasks involving the theft of one’s personal information, such as your name, credit card number, or social security number which in turn is utilized for illegal activity.

  • All of these risks only underscore the need for proper planning before you go into business. This planning should include using the right business entity to shield you from the potential liabilities of operating a business.

  • Learn your alternatives before filing for Bankruptcy

  • If a thief messes with your medical records, you could get stuck with medical bills that aren't yours or possibly even worse, an inaccurate medical chart.

  • Learn the differences and types of Bankruptcy Chapters

  • Federal Trade Commission (FTC) report found that nearly 10 million Americans, or nearly 5 percent of U.S. adults, had been victimized by identity theft in 2002. Such as; mail fraud, internet fraud, financial institution fraud, work at home scams, etc..

  • Learn the responsibilities and tasks of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee

  • Identity Theft is discovered - on average 14 months after the crime - the thief has wrecked havoc on the victim's credit standing. The effects on victims range from financial losses, lost mortgages and jobs, tarnished credit ratings and credit impairment.

  • A list of the most common personal injury lawsuits filed

  • Know the recent changes to the Bankruptcy Law

  • You'll have to conduct a name and trademark search to make sure no one else is using the name you want to use (or a very similar name) to market similar products or services.

  • Taxable provisions to the seller after a Short Sale of the property

  • Example typical expenses involve in a personal injury lawsuit

  • Find out the list of assets administered by the Panel Trustee in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

  • A sure-fire way to ensure that you will not a victim of identity theft is to obtain identity theft prevention insurance from a reputable company that has a guarantee backing your coverage.

  • Find out the best option which Bankruptcy Chapter is right for you

  • Find out what compensation may be awarded in a personal injury lawsuit

  • Learn which debts can remain after a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy discharge

  • Learn who needs to provide the burden of proof in a personal injury case

  • The meaning of bankruptcy trustee abandons property during Bankruptcy process

  • Clerk's Office what services they provide and information in filing for your Bankruptcy petition

  • Learn what form of business entity best suits your business. Find out examples what are the differences between sole proprietorship, corporation and general partnership before forming your business legal structure.

  • Learn the typical proceedings during the foreclosure sale public auction

  • Learn the process of Chapter 13 Bankrupty proceeding

  • Learn the answers to a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy proceeding

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  • Learn the answer to what happens if a person dies before a personal injury lawsuit is filed

  • Debtor unable to make schedule payment to the Chapter 13 trustee

  • Find out the list of items you need to file for Bankruptcy

  • Pretexting is the practice of getting your personal information under false pretenses. Pretexters sell your information to people who may use it to get credit in your name, steal your assets, or to investigate or sue you. Pretexting is against the law.

  • A business plan is a structured document that is a sales pitch for your new or expanding business that you will use when attempting to obtain formal financing. Almost all business will need a business plan when obtaining financing by bank loans, business loans, business start-up loans, private financing or investors, etc.

  • How discharge work after your Bankruptcy is finalized

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  • Your identity theft score is a measure of your knowledge and level of protection against identity theft.

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  • Identity theft protection usually comes in the form of a qualified service that monitors various aspects of your credit and credit report on your behalf in order to stop an identity thief before they can do any significant damage to your identity.

  • Identity theft or identity fraud is the taking of the victim’s identity to commit crimes ranging form traffic infractions to felonies.

  • What Is Probate, learn the probate process and the important aspects of Probate Will you should know

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Vs Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, learn the difference

  • It is a form that can be used to report information to many companies, simplifying the process of alerting companies where a fraudulent account was opened in a person’s name.

  • If you suspect identity theft, you should close the suspicious account(s) and notify a credit reporting agency. Contact the fraud departments of the three major credit reporting agencies. Request that a "fraud alert" be placed in your credit file.

  • The Identity Theft Data Clearinghouse is the federal government's central repository for identity theft victim complaints. The FTC maintains the clearinghouse.

  • Failing to pay payroll taxes is a classic example of where many businesses get into trouble. As an employer, a business has the responsibility for withholding certain taxes from an employee's paycheck (for example, income tax withholdings, social security, federal and state unemployment and disability taxes).

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  • Report the crime to the police immediately. Get a copy of your police report or case number. Immediately contact your credit card issuers and advise them that you believe you are a victim of identity theft or credit card fraud.

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